Message to participants regarding funding and Presentation format

Dear Participants,

Please see the messages regarding SSHRC and Presentations.

Funding for International Participants:

A number of you have asked whether there will be funding, to subsidize international participants to this conference. Unfortunately, we presently DO NOT HAVE ANY FUNDS to subsidize international participants. We have recently applied for SSHRC conference funding for this purpose; however, there is NO GUARANTEE that we will receive any financial support. In addition, please note that, in the event that our application is successful, WE WILL STILL NOT BE ABLE TO SUBSIDIZE YOUR ENTIRE TRAVEL COSTS. We will only subsidize A PORTION of these costs. In addition, we will probably only be notified of the results of this application, well after the end of the event. Thus, we may only find out if we can provide you a subsidy many weeks after you return home.

If we do receive eventual funding for a portion of your travel and accommodations, please keep all original receipts, as this is a requirement for funding reimbursement (meals will be provided at the conference). A funding announcement will be made if we are successful.

In short, participants to the conference are responsible for their own expenses. However, they should keep original receipts, just in case we are able to secure funding.


There will be 15 minute presentations with time at the end of each panel for questions and discussion. A projector and computer will be available for PowerPoint presentations. Presentations should be in English, as we do want to encourage broad participation that includes non-Lusophones and students. For the purposes of possibly posting presentations, especially for those not able to attend conference, we would recommend that participants use PowerPoint. 

If you have any further questions, contact us at

All the best,

Conference Organizing Committee

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